CineSavant Column

Saturday September 3, 2022



Alert CineSavant associate Dick Dinman points us to a ripe real estate opportunity: Snow White’s Larchmont Village House Could Be Yours . . . and the price tag is only $2 million!

I wrote about this house, the wishing well, and the singer Adriana Caselotti last year, back on July 10 and July 13 of 2021, explaining our neighborhood’s affectionate relationship with Ms. Caselotti 30 and 40 years ago.

That’s actually a pretty low price for the neighborhood. ┬áThe picture above brings back memories — in the 1980s there was no fence or tall hedge, and the Wishing Well was there for all to see, with no explanation. It was as if Senior Citizen Snow White was an affectionate neighbor.



The news has circulated that The Warner Archive releases for October will be Rouben Mamoulian’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with Fredric March and Todd Browning’s Mark of the Vampire with Bela Lugosi. Those are fine choices; if Jekyll is further restored in any way it’ll be a major release. Mark of the Vampire is always disappointing, but it has at least 20 iconic shots of Bela Lugosi and Carol Borland, and it will likely look sensational. Gary Teetzel adds that it’s nice to have at least one title starring Karloff or Lugosi coming out in time for Halloween.

It was rumored that Freaks might be one of the Halloween Blu-ray offerings, but Gary tells me that the box art that circulated online was probably fan-generated. The Walking Dead and The Mask of Fu Manchu, both with Boris Karloff, would always be welcome. We also hope that there are no remastering issues outstanding with the final two Val Lewton classics, I Walked with a Zombie and The Seventh Victim.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson