CineSavant Column

Tuesday July 13, 2021



A big response came in regarding the little neighborhood story about Adriana Caselotti in last Saturday’s CineSavant Column… people from everywhere love that woman, and know a lot more about her than I do. Ken Henderson in Australia wrote to explain that his mother met Ms. Caselotti when she toured Australia, and appeared at the Tivoli, a theater long gone now.

And Trailers from Hell sent me this YouTube link, but didn’t provide the name of the tipster: it’s Adriana Caselotti on The Julie Andrews Show from 1972. She sings a quick medley of ‘I’m Wishing’ & ‘Someday My Prince Will Come’. It’s Ms. Caselotti all right, looking a lot fancier than I remember seeing her — you know, we literally interrupted her watering her garden. The clip certainly makes Julie Andrews seem gracious and appreciative.



And this just came sailing in the door, courtesy of The Film Detective and Wade Williams. It’s Walter Mirisch and Monogram Pictures’ 1951 feature
Flight to Mars, and it’s said to be fully restored in two-color Cinecolor. The trailer at the FD page looks pretty good — I believe it contains every special effect shot in the movie. And we love the trailer narration script that declares that Mars is the only planet that can support life. Ah, how about our planet?

The extras also sound enticing. This ought to be a big improvement on the old DVD (almost anything would be) and I look forward to writing a review. There are still many vintage ’50s sci-fi pictures not available on quality disc… even if they’re not screaming masterpieces.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson