Savant Column

Tuesday November 14, 2017


Joe Baltake has some amusing reminiscences of actors Larry Keating and Fred Clark this week at The Passionate Moviegoer. Plus John McElwee does the same for a lesser-known Bulldog Drummond feature, over at his Greenbriar Picture Shows (11.13.17). And David Cairns relates a typically strange incident from a Ken Russell film, today at his criticism page Shadowplay.

I’ve got some German discs of American westerns on the way from Explosive Media, and I’m eager to see how they look in HD. I now have more foreign Blu-rays of Universal library titles than I do domestic releases. The three I’m most interested in are Anthony Mann’s Bend of the River, the almost- Anthony Mann Night Passage (both with James Stewart) and Robert Aldrich’s scorchingly violent Burt Lancaster western Ulzana’s Raid, which I can’t say I’ve ever seen in a really satisfactory presentation. And I’ll find out whether or not the discs are encoded all-region.

I’m waiting on Arrows, Twilight Times and more Kinos, plus a book or two to review. And it’s time to get a list going of possible ‘best of’ discs for this year.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson