The Man in the White Suit 08/24/19

KL Studio Classics

File this great comedy under social science fiction, subheading ‘H’ for hilarious. Alec Guinness’s comic boffin hero is both a bringer of miracles and one of the most dangerous men alive. The story of Sidney Stratton, brilliant chemist and inadvertent industrial terrorist, is a consistent laugh riot. Call the jokes droll, understated, dry, and reserved, but they certainly aren’t stupid — Ealing’s high-class comedy is slapstick heaven, yet hides a lesson about modern economics that most people still haven’t learned. Alec Guinness receives top marks as the Quixotic ‘boffin’ whose miraculous textile advance threatens civilization, by interrupting the process of supply and demand. Purr-fect- voiced Joan Greenwood is the Dulcinea that believes in his world-shaking genius. On Blu-ray from KL Studio Classics.