The Day Time Ended 05/28/19

Full Moon Features

Long AWOL from Home Video — the last time I peeked it was an unwatchable pan-scanned laserdisc — this early Charles Band opus came at a time when the purveyor of third-class horror thrills could command a budget. A rather phenomenal list of ’70s special effects hopefuls collaborated to give the show lasting appeal, mainly by including some stop motion monsters from a parallel dimension. An average American family spends a chaotic night battling bizarre phemoneema… phelomea… stuff that’s leaked into our reality through that nuisance Sci-fi catch-all, a Time-Space Warp. A pair of big name stars twenty years past their sell-by date endure all manner of rubber critters, zipping flying saucers and green-glowing supernatural artifacts! On Blu-ray from Full Moon Features.