Shaft’s Big Score! + Shaft in Africa 05/28/19

The Warner Archive Collection
Separate Blu-ray releases

The two sequels to the monster hit Shaft see the light of Blu-ray, in separate WACreleases. Richard Roundtree is once again a key figure in Blaxploitation action filmmaking. In Shaft’s Big Score! he carries his righteous war against crime directly to the man; in Shaft in AfricaJohn puts paid to a new kind of slavery racket back in the Old Country. CineSavant’s zero-jive disc review is by Trailers From Hell’s main man Charlie Largent, who is indeed rumored to be a sex machine to all the chicks!  Aiding and abetting John Shaft’s mayhem are Moses Gunn, Kathy Imrie, Julius Harris, Rosalind Miles and Joe Santos, plus Frank Finlay, Vonetta McGee, Marne Maitland and Frank McRae. Separate Blu-ray purchases from The Warner Archive Collection.