Shaft’s Big Score! + Shaft in Africa 05/28/19

The Warner Archive Collection
Separate Blu-ray releases

The two sequels to the monster hit Shaft see the light of Blu-ray, in separate WACreleases. Richard Roundtree is once again a key figure in Blaxploitation action filmmaking. In Shaft’s Big Score! he carries his righteous war against crime directly to the man; in Shaft in AfricaJohn puts paid to a new kind of slavery racket back in the Old Country. CineSavant’s zero-jive disc review is by Trailers From Hell’s main man Charlie Largent, who is indeed rumored to be a sex machine to all the chicks! ¬†Aiding and abetting John Shaft’s mayhem are Moses Gunn, Kathy Imrie, Julius Harris, Rosalind Miles and Joe Santos, plus Frank Finlay, Vonetta McGee, Marne Maitland and Frank McRae. Separate Blu-ray purchases from The Warner Archive Collection.