The 3-D Nudie-Cuties Collection 11/12/19

Kino Classics
3-D Blu-ray

CineSavant chooses its reviews with discretion, knowing that attending to readers’ spiritual needs is a top priority. So get ready for a blistering, too-too spicy duo of ‘adult movies’ (read: they cater to dirty old men) created in the prehistoric days before humanity was transformed by X-rated porn. The first show THE BELLBOY AND THE PLAYGIRLS may be the professional screen directing debut of Francis Coppola, moonlighting from UCLA. It’s something of a wreck, but he was not one to miss an opportunity to write and direct. The second picture ADAM AND SIX EVES, in gorgeous color and eye-popping 3-D, is so good as to suggest an art revival, if today’s PC culture wasn’t so likely to condemn a vintage girlie entertainment out of hand. But then again, the sub-genre is supposed to be forbidden and Taboo. Blu-ray 3-D conquers all! On 3-D Blu-ray¬†from Kino Classics.