CineSavant Column

Saturday January 5, 2019


First up — Kino Lorber has announced on its Facebook page that they’ve lined up the great Canadian crime thriller The Silent Partner for Blu-ray this year. Daryl Duke’s show features Elliott Gould, Christopher Plummer and Susannah York, and also a young John Candy. It’s a terrific ‘Christmas’ movie; I used a picture of Plummer in a Santa Claus suit at my column link just two weeks ago, on December 22.

Next, I received a couple of notes last week from people that have had trouble obtaining their replacement discs for last year’s 3-D Revenge of the Creature release that had some problems. I asked the always- informed Gary Teetzel if he had the eMail info that we used, successfully, last Fall:

“Glenn, to request a replacement disc for Revenge of the Creature, your correspondent should send an e-mail to:

They will need to supply the following information:

Shipping address.
Daytime telephone number.
A copy of the sales receipt.
OR a photo of the disc and the outer packaging.

In my case, I sent a photo of the packaging & disc, plus a snip of the Amazon order since I had no physical receipt.”  I hope that helps, Gary.”

And correspondent Dave Horner, writing in on January 2, writes in to say he’s contacted Kino about the replacement disc for the The Outer Limits Season Two set. The disc in question is the first, because its episode Soldier, the one with Michael Ansara as a Terminator- like warrior from the future, has an audio flaw. Me. Horner reports that Kino said the replacement disc might not be ready for a few months. But regarding the Soldier episode he also adds:

“The disc set is missing an audio commentary for Soldier, which is listed in the booklet as having been recorded by Gary Gerani, but is not on the disc itself. It can be heard on Gary Gerani’s facebook page, dated Dec. 10th. Gerani has some interesting notes on the process of recording the commentary. Anyway, I was able to download the audio as an mp3 with my 4K Video downloader. I’ll load it onto my tablet and play it along with the Blu on a separate player. Best, Dave Horner”

I went to the Gary Gerani link, and saw that the missing commentary plays right from Facebook!   Perhaps when Kino remasters the flawed disc, they will be able to re-incorporate Gerani’s track back into the disc set.

And signing off, I’d just like to add that I’m really happy with the generous response to my 2018 Favored Disc Roundup .. promoting it on Facebook makes a big difference on who I reach. It was pointed out to me that not one ‘new’ movie made the list. It isn’t because I’m discriminating against new pictures — I just want to promote things I feel are special, and don’t want to use my biased soapbox to champion titles that already have enough attention. If I spread the awareness a little wider for an obscurity like Strange Victory or It Happened Here, then I’ll feel justified. Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson