CineSavant Column

Saturday November 18, 2023



Reader John G. responded to the discussion about ‘ZIV TV’ back in the CineSavant review of World of Giants back on November 4.

What he sends is a link to a half-hour 2007 documentary by Stephen X. Sylvester, about famed production designer / art director Robert Kinoshita, the man behind Giant’s giant props but most excitingly, several endearing, enduring movie robots.

Kinoshita is a good interview, open and funny. The talk about ZIV Television arrives at 15:13. Kinoshita mainly says how cheap the company was!

Robot Master – Robert Kinoshita.



On a page called Bright Wall / Dark Room, an article by Bryan Miller discusses Chicago’s Biograph Theater and its relationship to 80 years’ worth of movies about the outlaw bandit John Dillinger.

Miller pretty much covers them all, ending on the one he thinks is the most creative, the John Sayles-written, Lewis Teague-directed The Lady in Red. It’s a very good read, and a good look at a corner of film history.

The article is  John Dillinger Keeps Dying At Chicago’s Biograph Theater.


Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson