CineSavant Column

Saturday November 4, 2023



Close CineSavant associate Bill Shaffer organizes an extensive collection of movie exhibitors’ paraphernalia from the 1960s … and last week he sent along a terrific trade paper clipping with this note.

Hey Glenn,  Remember the giant creature at the end of The Flesh Eaters?  Here is a found photo of a ‘creature’ used to advertise the movie, a big thing carted around for in-theater promotion. I’m wondering if they just used the real one?  It was a cheap movie after all. Any thoughts?  — Kansas

I’m pretty sure Bill knew the answer to that one without having to guess — dummies made for theater promotions rarely look anything like what’s seen in the movie itself, and this gnarly glob is a dead ringer for the movie’s giant flesh-eating monster (with the brief splurt of color when its eye is lanced). I’d say somebody had to cart it all the way from NYC to Philadelphia. Without having time to check, we wonder if this ‘Ross Wheeler’ is the expert promoter that the interview subject Arnold Drake talked so much about in the 2005 audio commentary for the film.

The new sphoto zooms much larger. Thanks Bill!  The CineSavant review treats the latest Blu-ray of The Flesh Eaters like it was high opera performed by Marlon Brando. Of supposed ‘sleazy’ horror fare, we’ve always found it very appealing.



Correspondent Michael McQuarrie happened upon the still above, and followed it up with another find …

Adam West takes time out from a U.K. promotional tour to film a
‘Batman Road Safety Advert’, Public service spot for London tots.

We really have no complaints about the pre-‘Dark’ TV Batman or Adam West, who had an ideal personality for the Mod-Era Batman.


Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson