CineSavant Column

Saturday October 2, 2021



The latest DVD Classics Corner on the Air podcast is Scott Eyman and Dick Dinman salute star Cary Grant. Dick welcomes the acclaimed author to discuss Eyman’s fine biography Cary Grant: A Brilliant Disguise, newly out on paperback.

Their chat focuses on the recent Criterion disc of Grant and Hepburn’s comedy Bringing Up Baby; the best part is the analysis given of Cary Grant’s ‘constructed’ screen image — we of course wonder what the ‘real’ Archibald Leach was like.



Next, after reading this at the Home Theater Forum I had to go back and check and see if it was a joke, or being said in sly sideways fashion… I mean, the word ‘inter-web’ got me a little worried — really clever slights sail right over my balding head.

Nope, I’m duly flattered, many thanks. The thread post was in reference to the recent CineSavant review for Vera Cruz. My contact with Robert Harris hasn’t been much; he was extremely gracious twenty years ago. When Darren Gross and I were searching out a long version of Major Dundee, Mr. Harris mailed me a packet of info about vault holdings on the title from his files, just to help out.



And to help you recover from that onslaught of shameless self-promotion, CineSavant contributor Jonathan Gluckman forwards this link to the cinematic splendor of Samurai Smartphone Parade. The three-minute 2017 film is a handy Public Service primer about everyday safety in the fiefdom, avoiding embarrasing accidents on your next trek to appear before the Shogun.

Really nicely done!  ‘Docomo’ appears to be an online mobile phone shop.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson