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Saturday March 6, 2021


Hello Synthetic Flesh!

Everybody’s happy that even amid the pandemic, Warner Bros. is coming through with a new restored Blu of the Two-Color Technicolor Doctor X, a vintage horror thriller to follow up last year’s sensational restoration of the great Mystery of the Wax Museum. The same expert commentators and historians will be on board — Scott MacQueen, Alan K. Rode and a featurette I believe by Constantine Nasr. This disc will also contain a fully restored encoding of the alternate B&W version of Dr. X.. I don’t know the specific differences myself, but I have friends that prefer some elements in the B&W version.

The release date is less then sixty days away, in April. Here’s a good Video Attic interview with Scott MacQueen about the restoration: Exclusive on Doctor X At the end MacQueen mentions that his unit is working on Preston Sturges’ The Sin of Harold Diddlebock and William Dieterle’s All That Money Can Buy, aka The Devil and Daniel Webster.



Suddenly See More.

Just when the mailbox is growing cobwebs, new life springs upon the CineSavant doorstep. Some much-desired Blu-ray titles have arrived and we’re jumping on new reviews. Besides the three above from Kino and The Warner Archive, we’ve got writing going on a pair of Powerhouse Indicator titles… and if the robo-mail ‘delivery imminent’ messages I’ve been getting are true, February’s Viavision [Imprint] titles will soon be crossing the CineSavant threshold as well. Thanks very much for all the notes in reaction to reviews and the ‘image of the day’ at the top of the CineSavant page. I try to respond to every email.

The reader comments over on Trailers from Hell are another story. I’ve enjoyed over five years of great hosting but I still haven’t found out how to reliably respond to reader comments over there. Maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be… I get to say my piece, so I shouldn’t interfere with the comment process.

Gee, the warming weather outside almost but not quite permits going outside without shoes or socks, which to me is heaven. Being a California boy I subscribe to the Endless Summer theory of life. Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson