CineSavant Column

Tuesday November 24, 2020


It’s no secret that every page at CineSavant hawks my 2012 book with a linking graphic …

… and I naturally think it’s a great thing … the book of Classic Sci-fi reviews still sells. But today I want to highlight some other books I’ve reviewed over the past few years, by linking to my CineSavant Column reviews. I’ve chosen one title each from six CineSavant correspondents that have been helpful or encouraging to my page… or that simply wrote great books that I keep referring to.


From Alan K. Rode is the show-biz biography

Michael Curtiz A Life in Film.


Joseph McBride allowed me an early look at his investigatory account

Frankly: Unmasking Frank Capra.


A likely-desirable Tom Weaver tome is his

Universal Terrors 1951-1955: Eight Classic Horror and Science Fiction Films.


For those into genre studies there’s Lee Broughton’s

Reframing Cult Westerns: From The Magnificent Seven to The Hateful Eight.


It’s not written by a friend, but this book recommended by friend Craig Reardon certainly lived up to its promise and is great gift material:

The 50 Foot Art Of Reynold Brown.


And, although I couldn’t find my original review in time, here’s a good notice for John McElwee’s

Showman, Sell It Hot!


Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson