CineSavant Column

Tuesday May 1, 2018

I wasn’t kidding about being late last Saturday: CineSavant has no new reviews today. We’ve been doing a mass inventory of the old movie posters from up in my attic. Many have been there for forty years. I’ve compiled a list with the aim of selling a bunch of them a little later on. I’ll report on them here, if that comes to pass. Part of starting up CineSavant as my own page was to make evil mercenary profitable ideas like this possible — I might be able to sell them directly through the page. My unwritten contract with disc providers is that I don’t re-sell review discs, but I’ve been collecting other stuff since the 1970s.

I do have a couple of reviews done but I think I’ll delay them at least another day. Hence this collector’s photo of the chaos, inventory-wise, at CineSavant Central.

Thanks for reading! Glenn