CineSavant Column

Tuesday April 10, 2018


I’m really late this Tuesday … Cinerama expert and CineSavant correspondent David Strohmeier asked me to say that his new restoration of the three-panel Cinerama presentation Windjammer will be showing at the Cinerama Dome on April 28. I believe that individual tickets can be purchased. It’s a great way to see real Cinerama exhibited in a venue created especially for the process (but originally only used for single-strip 70mm).

We got jolted by an earthquake last week in Los Angeles. It was a 5.5 but the epicenter was aways out in the ocean, so some of us felt it and others didn’t. I was sitting in a parked car trying to send a text, and suddenly the car began to sway on its suspension as if somebody was pushing it back and forth. People were walking their babies and dogs but didn’t realize a quake was happening, but I felt it strongly for at least ten seconds. That’s the way it is here — some building shake and shimmy and others absorb the tremor imperceptibly. But not when the quake is bigger, and closer. I’ve been through two major quakes already, have been exceedingly lucky, but they say a big one is overdue.

That’s about all I have at hand or still on my mind . . . I think readers would appreciate the reviews going up sooner than later. It’s a big month for 3-D fans!

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson