CineSavant Column

Saturday June 22, 2019


The summer’s bounty of sci-fi and fantasy discs are beginning to arrive — 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea has reportedly shipped, which is good news. I tapped a Disney Club Member for a favor, but I realize not everyone has that option. It doesn’t look like I’ll be writing up The Monolith Monsters, but I saw some of it last Tuesday to see what the 2.0 scan looked like … everything framed up quite well, even if a few spiky monolith tops were trimmed here and there. There’s a 1:85 (not much taller) but no open-matte 1:37 that some fans (including vocal correspondent Tom Weaver) prefer.

I definitely ordered a couple titles I don’t expect to be receiving as screeners, but with an exception or two I need to concentrate on what I’m sent — I wish I could cover more of everything, and take time for reviews of things currently not on disc as well.

Readers right now are excited about 20,000 Leagues, The Universal Horror Collection, This Island Earth and the Quatermass movies 2 & …and the Pit; we’ll try to review as many of those as we can!  And Charlie Largent might hit a couple that I miss.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson