CineSavant Column

Tuesday May 7, 2019


Hammer fans may know all about this piece, and it is rather brief, but I like it — Farran Smith Nehme’s 2016 Film Comment article on Bernard Robinson, Hammer Horror Designer. I’m finding it refreshing to read horror critiques from folk other than the same ten or so genre experts.

I’ve had a really good response to the review for Joseph McBride’s book Frankly: Unmasking Frank Capra. Next week’s book review selection isn’t quite as lofty — I’ll be looking at another installment in the Scripts from the Crypt collection — on Son of Dracula.

And with no really hot links to share (and lots of work to do) let me just peruse upcoming titles that I can’t wait to get my mitts on: Flicker Alley’s The Man Who Laughs and The Last Warning, Twilight Time’s Warlock, Scream’s The Alligator People and Universal Horror Collection, Kino’s The Silent Partner, Cohen Media’s The Bostonians, Arrow’s Nightfall and Criterion’s One Sings, the Other Doesn’t and Blue Velvet. Peeking into June and July, we’ve got War and Peace (Criterion), Alphaville (Kino) and Quatermass 2 (Scream). Unless they’re all purple and upside down, these titles are enough for a ‘best of 2019’ list right there…

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson