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The winner for ‘most readable’ is John McElwee’s great  Greenbriar Picture Shows, a terrific assortment of great old rare photos and savvy text from an exhibitor / historical point of view … and now back on a daily update basis.

Readers on the lookout for reviews and news pertaining to cult horror and fantasy can’t go wrong with Nathaniel Thompson’s  Mondo Digital Website. Nate knows everything there is to be known about his subject, and his reviews often have preview images from the discs in question.

Kevin Pyrtle’s review blog site  ExploderButton is always good for an interesting, well-written take on genre films, usually fantasies. Lately he’s got a lot of Region B material on tap. Good frame grabs, too.

Joe Baltake’s insightful movie blog is  The Passionate Moviegoer. Joe has a wide range of interests, an eye for alluring actresses and a winning, informed writing style.

A witty, authoritative and discriminating critical thinking site is  Shadowplay, updated daily by the accomplished David Cairns.

Terrific for prowling and perusing, the eclectic image site  this isn’t happiness now has about eight years’ worth of fantastic graphics and photos to glom, and it is constantly updated. I haven’t missed a post.

Stuart Galbraith IV’s film review and comment site  World Cinema Paradise is still kicking, with a number of well-chosen writers — including (cough) myself. He has a nice backlog of good reading.

Savant’s favorite web board for fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror is  The Classic Horror Film Board, a prime Genre site with excellent discussions and a gallery of connected contributors like Bill Warren and Tom Weaver. These are the people who give out the Rondo Awards.

Equally fun is Tom Sutpen’s  If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, There’d Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats. Where they dig up these amazing visuals is a wonderment … Savant spent half a night going through the back catalog.

The best web board about Silent Pix and Early Talkies is  Nitrateville. You’ll find plenty of good discussion there, and links to excellent articles.

Sean Axmaker’s  Parallax View is another film review site I can heartily recommend, with a high level of writing. I’m glad I found this one.

Glenn Abel’s  Screen & Stream is slipping away, but I’m going to hang on to it for a while longer.

 Gotta plug the  Online Film Critics Society, an organization of spies dedicated to the overthro … oops, wrong organization. The OFCS is a clearing house for film reviews by member reviewers, which ranks Savant joined on April 25th, 2001.

The much-missed The DVD Journal ‘dimmed the lights’ in August 2007, after seven years as Savant’s favorite general nooze and gozzip DVD site. The excellent reviews are still up (as of March of 2008), and the site is well worth a visit. Do yourself a favor and sample the fine writing of my much-missed friend, Mark Bourne.

A particularly good read is Steve Eifert’s great  Film Noir of the Week Page. It’s a good resource to many reviews and all things Noir. Sometimes Steve reprints my noir reviews Steve’s taste in collaborators is impeccable.

Guido Bibra’s Film Format Guide has good, concise explanations and data for all the old film formats. The link given takes one to the German original page, but a “English Version” link is near the top. is a thorough resource on the popular Russian director, Andrei Tarkovsky with many exclusive texts translated into English. Very professional, very defnitive. Webmasters Jan Bielawski and Trond S. Trondsen.

The veddy proper British Board of Film Classification gives you direct access to the censor fates of your fave pix in the United Kingdom. Unless you’re rabid over Video Nasties, the British censors are not all that bad . . . at least they aren’t hypocritical
and inconsistent.

The also has some nice features, including a very clear explanation of DVD for Newbies.

There are a lot of OZ fans who might not know about The Wonderful World of Oz List of Frequently Asked Questions, several of which Savant receives every week.

Brad Lang’s Classic Movies Home Page is an excellent way to find new movie sites. There’s always new stuff to check out and Monsieur Lang is a pleasant host.

The Diabolik Official Home Page is readable in both Italian and English too. Read up on a cool comic character of which Americans are completely unaware.

Twenty years later, the Joe Versus the Volcano fan site is still up, even if the last update is from around 2010. It has some hilarious and insightful essays about the film, which Savant is proud to say is one of the best of the decade, no matter what it’s general rep may be. It’s the Duck! The key is the Duck! Priceless.

There are several METROPOLIS sites with new info on variant and longer cuts. The Metropolis Walkthrough by Jim McCann has some unique visual goodies.

Archie Harris’ superior Until the End of the World website (Welcome to…) counterpoints the Savant articles on that film. Wake up Arch, you still haven’t updated since the millennium.

For basic self-aggrandizement, Savant includes two articles written for Gary Johnson’s IMAGES webzine, The Kiss Me Mangled Mystery: Refurbishing a Film Noir, and The Horrible Dr. Hichcock: Women on the Verge of a Gothic Breakdown. One’s about Savant’s restoration find, the other a high-falutin’ take on an Italo horror classic (Babs! Babs!).




And finally, this is Glenn Erickson’s professional resume, writing and editing credits combined.

StrangloScope image from THE STRANGLERS OF BOMBAY.
— finally released and reviewed at Savant, here!

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