Universal Horror Collection Volume 5 09/26/20


Why stop at the acknowledged classics of the Universal horror tradition when the fringes are so … eccentric?  Charlie Largent reflects on the equally magical margins, examining such unforgettable gems as Captive Wild Woman, Jungle Woman, and the mysteriously redundant The Jungle Captive. The question is, which jungle siren floats YOUR Congo canoe, Aquanetta or Vicky Lane?  The silver lining amid the stock footage (and John Carradine) is the Paramount acquisition The Monster and the Girl, a genuinely different genre head-scratcher beautifully filmed and directed. The hybrid gangster-mad doctor tale features a crazy brain-transplant that tests the limits of hetero romance, as well as the love of a puppy dog!  Hear it first at CineSavant, direct from Charlie Gemora’s superior ape monster. On Blu-ray.