The Time Travelers 03/09/21

Scorpion Releasing / Kino Lorber

Ib Melchior’s best directed movie is a futuristic space opera with a time travel theme, all done at a production level suitable for a Halloween fun house. Yet its talented crew comes up with exciting visuals to match Melchior’s flaky-but-fun eclecticism: Androids, Mutants, ‘deviants,’ hydroponic gardens, force fields, time warps… and a sexist attitude or two to remind us that we’re seeing 2071 through the eyes of 1964. It’s one of the earliest Hollywood credits for cameramen Vilmos Zsigmond and Laszlo Kovacs. With Preston Foster, Merry Anders, Philip Carey, John Hoyt and Steve Franken, on Blu-ray from Scorpion Releasing / Kino Lorber.