The Horrible Dr. Hichcock 11/07/23

Region B Blu-ray

An MIA ‘film prodigal’ has been returned to the fold, thanks to this well-curated restoration and remaster. We can finally enjoy Riccado Freda’s Gothic masterpiece as it should be seen, in glowing color and with a choice of language tracks. The tagline “His candle of lust burnt brightest in the shadow of the grave!” only hints at the taboo of necrophilia, but the movie doesn’t play coy: mad surgeon Robert Flemyng loves Barbara Steele not for herself, but as a body on which he can project memories of transgressive sex games with his previous wife. Bring the kids!  It’s told with powerful expressionist images — and playful hommages to Alfred Hitchcock. On Region B Blu-ray from Radiance.