The Thousand Eyes of Dr. Mabuse 06/03/20

Eureka Entertainment / Masters of Cinema
Region B Blu-ray

Look out — a deranged reviewer can’t control his enthusiasm. By adapting his Weimar-era cinematic lexicon to the Space Age, Fritz Lang circles his career back to the core genre thrills he invented a hundred years ago. Superstition and sinister technological advances combine to make the 20th century an Age of Terror; it’s the dawning of a brave new world of total surveillance, mind control and paranoid conspiracies. I could talk for hours about the directing/editing in this show — it’s so sophisticated, and yet so simple. Starring Dawn Addams, Peter van Eyck, Gert Fröbe, Wolfgang Preiss, Werner Peters, Andrea Checchi, and Howard Vernon. On Region B Blu-ray from Eureka/Masters of Cinema.