Sampo 08/02/22

Deaf Crocodile Films / Vinegar Syndrome

Ah, Gee, I wish we had a Sampo! ¬†Fantastic imagery and folk tale poetry infuse Alexander Ptushko’s Finnish/Soviet retelling of the epic story Kalevala. An amazing source of wealth called a Sampo is stolen by a witch of the frosty North. When the bold hero Lemmink√§inen journeys to retrieve it, she uses magic to blot out the sun as well. Even more mystical than Ptushko’s Ilya Muromets, it’s fully restored in anamorphic widescreen. A real work of art, it was long ago dubbed and mangled by American-International for U.S. release as The Day the Earth Froze. On Blu-ray from Deaf Crocodile Films/Vinegar Syndrome.