Amazon Women on the Moon 11/10/20

KL Studio Classics

Insane skit comedy by a quintet of directors — Joe Dante, Carl Gottlieb, Peter Horton, John Landis and Robert K. Weiss — throws fifty oddball skits at us, from all directions. It’s a fractured stack of uneven but often brilliant concepts that include some timeless winners: ‘Son of the Invisible Man,’ ‘Blacks Without Soul,’ ‘Video Pirates,’ ‘Roast Your Loved One,’ ‘Video Date’ and the title skit, a recreation of a cheesy sci-fi picture squeezed between TV commercials. See Lou Jacobi, Michelle Pfeiffer, Steve Forrest, Sybil Danning, David Alan Grier, Steve Guttenberg, Henry (‘Bullshit or Not’) Silva, Belinda Belaski, Ed Begley Jr., Angel Tompkins, Ralph Bellamy, Marc McClure, Carrie Fisher, Paul Bartel and Rosanna Arquette — their contributions all explained in generous extras that include several entire outtake segments that didn’t make the final cut. Reviewed by Charlie Largent. On Blu-ray from KL Studio Classics.