Allonsanfan 03/02/24


All failed revolutionaries take heart: the Taviani brothers’ downbeat yet creatively magical story of the wrong rebels in the wrong insurrection at the wrong time features a disillusioned fighter-of-the-good-fight determined to betray his comrades and abscond with their money. The three women that support and/or double-cross him are Laura Betti, Lea Massari and Mimsy Farmer. It may be the best movie about the urge to revolt, and how harshly history treats idealists. The Tavianis’ cinematic play with color and illusion is first-rate, as is their use of music, dance and Ennio Morricone’s rousing main theme. With one of the most rewarding audio commentaries ever, by Michael Brooke. On Blu-ray from Radiance.