Alias Nick Beal 06/26/21

KL Studio Classics

It’s a weird blend of film noir and the supernatural: the suave but sinister Nick Beal arrives to bestow good luck and blessings on a political candidate (Thomas Mitchell) and a ‘fallen woman’ (Audrey Totter). Of course, his real interest is his own ‘collection’ business. Ray Milland tries Pure Evil on for size, in a cultured & sophisticated way, of course. John Farrow directs with his usual precision, but we get plenty of surprises, as when George Macready shows up as a Minister! Nick Beal must be a relative of Mr. Applegate, as the movie is all about how politicians and parking lot owners get started. Being a shrewd reviewer Charlie Largent intuited that maybe The Devil has something to do with this story. He asks, ‘Yes, but can this Beal guy summon demons from Hell?’ ¬†On Blu-ray from KL Studio Classics.