Al Adamson: The Masterpiece Collection 06/23/20

Severin Films

He really wanted to review it!  Actually, lovers of the strange and arcane in film history are applauding this enormous, if anything OVER-curated box of exploitation errata from the ’60s and ’70s. Everything extant is here as regards the Al Adamson oeuvre, such as it is. I can scarcely believe the reconstruction effort — some of the titles had to be Frankenstein’d back together from random surviving prints. The intrepid, dauntless Charlie Largent digs deep into this monster box, enough to glean a reasonable overview. He earns every nickel of his exorbitant CineSavant salary (and stock options). It’s all here: Fourteen discs!  Thirty-one films!  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!  After looking at the list of titles one more time, I confess I want to get the box back to check out John Carradine in The Fiend with The Electronic Brain. I think I actually saw that title on a marquee once back in the day. At the present moment Amazon has ONE of these sets in stock — for a generous $6.00 off its stratospheric retail price! On Blu-ray from Severin Films.