A Fistful of Dollars + For a Few Dollars More 4K 05/17/22

KL Studio Classics
4K Ultra HD + Blu Ray

The good news is that Kino’s new 4K encodings of Sergio Leone’s first two Italo ‘Dollars’ oaters look terrific, with Fistful showing a lot of improvement: the basic restorations are from prime Italian film elements. And the packages are collector / home theater enthusiast friendly — standard Blu-ray encodings are part of the deal. As the films are still licensed from MGM, they include the extras from 2007 of which we’re very proud. The end results may be the first Leone disc release that makes this viewer ‘The Man with No Complaints.’ ┬áDon’t forget, they’re separate purchases. On 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray from KL Studio Classics.