Savant Column June 20, 2017

Tuesday June 20, 2017

Hello! Hey, they turned up the heat for summer out here.

Twilight Time just announced their September releases, and they’re all good for disc fans. All six titles appear on the 19th: September (1987) is a serious Woody Allen drama set in a confined space, and is a good place to see the late, great Elaine Stritch. The unheralded Hour of the Gun is one of John Sturges’ very best westerns, with James Garner and Jason Robards. Lawman with Burt Lancaster is a Michael Winner film that’s actually not annoying. The CinemaScope, color and stereophonic sound Beneath the Twelve Mile Reef is from a script by A.I. ‘Buzz’ Bezzerides, with a great music score by Bernard Herrmann. And Gun Fury 3D is a Raoul Walsh western I’ve never seen, featuring Rock Hudson and Donna Reed in 3 Dimensions!

Criterion goes all ‘artful’ on us in September. Hitchcock’s Rebecca (9.05) is the main vintage title, accompanied by Murray Lerner’s music documentary Festival (9.12). Michael Haneke’s The Piano Teacher (9.26) with Isabelle Huppert, Kelly Reichart’s well-received Certain Women (9.19) with Laura Dern, Michelle Williams and Kristen Stewart; and the new docu David Lynch, The Art Life (9.26).

As for the side-by-side pictures at the top of the frame, my excuse is that my daughter’s dog inspired me. And ya can’t frustrate inspiration.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson