Savant Column

Saturday March 17, 2018


Super-associate Gary Teetzel has been snooping doing valuable research, and has come up with a couple of interesting web finds on the subject of The Outer Limits, which is on a lot of collectors’ minds these days. Gary writes:

“A couple of Outer Limits- related magazine articles, just for fun: This trade ad for the show specifically mentions the Cliff Robertson-JFK connection, and Stefano’s work on Psycho:

A Face only Millions of Science Fiction Fans Could Love

And this article cites the high ratings for sci-fi movies on TV for encouraging ABC to make The Outer Limnits. They say that even the relatively feeble Invisible Invaders out-performed its competition on the TV dial:

Other-World TV Series Shoots for New Fall Ratings Orbit


It’s a sunny Saturday here after a day of rain, so I’m lookin’ to get outdoors a bit. Am awaiting Twilight Time titles, the Warner Archives’ remastered The Black Scorpion and some other desired goodies … happy St. Patrick’s Day and see you Tuesday.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson