Savant Column

Tuesday March 13, 2018


The fab Outer Limits box reviewed today is just the tip of the iceberg for great review discs in the CineSavant hopper, with more bobbing their way in here daily. In the absence of earth-shattering disc news, let me go over the list again. With the help of review associates I stand a good chance to getting to most of them. The order can indeed be swayed by requests.

Of the titles that have been here more than a couple of weeks, I really want to get to Kino’s The Covered Wagon, Topaze, The Lion in Winter and The Oldest Profession. Olive’s Five on the Black Hand Side beckons as well.

Just in are Powerhouse Indicator’s Town on Trial, Gumshoe and Otley; Arrow’s Basket Case and Sacha Guitry: Four Films; Flicker Alley’s A Trip to the Moon; Vinegar Syndrome’s Liquid Sky; and Criterion’s The Age of Innocence, Women in Love and their Eclipse Box of Ingrid Bergman’s Swedish Years.

Add Twilight Time’s hotly awaited Underworld USA, The New Centurions, Don’t Bother to Knock and The Seven-Ups to the stack of things expected at the mailbox, and I’ve a lot of video to go through. It really helps that it’s such an exciting variety of entertainment.

Last note about the stunningly divisive powers of CineSavant — helpful readers have informed me that King of Jazz, which I claimed had been M.I.A. for generations, was shown ages ago on the old ‘Z’ Channel, and also released on a VHS tape. I do wonder how it looked, however. And I’ve gotten plenty of pro- and con- notes about my review of Ship of Fools. A couple of readers think I was far too kind to it, while a respected film writer who loves it voiced a desire to debate its merits!

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson