Savant Column

Tuesday February 20, 2018


Correspondent Stefan Andersson steers me to a new ‘Media Target Distribution GmbH’ German Blu-ray of Riccardo Freda’s The Horrible Dr. Hichcock: Das schreckliche Geheimnis des Dr. Hichcock. It is said to have an hour of extras, plus audio tracks in German and Italian . . . but no English subtitles. And the price is a trifle too steep for this fan, I kid you not. Would have loved to compare it to the two versions I have now!

Dick Dinman has two new audio shows to check out: to discuss the new Kino disc of Howard Hughes’ The Outlaw, he digs into his file tapes of star Jane Russell, uncut and unedited. To commemorate the Warner Archives new restoration of Delmer Dave’s The Hanging Tree, he confabs with the WAC’s fearless leader, George Feltenstein. Also present to discuss star Gary Cooper are star Joan Leslie and director Michael Anderson.

I just saw The Outlaw — sheesh. Will have to do some reading to write that one up. (after listening to Jane Russell, of course).

It looks like I will be reviewing a Blu-ray of Joseph Sargent’s superb Sci-fi tale Colossus: The Forbin Project, although not the new pressing from Shout! Factory. I’ve held off since last Fall, and it’s too good to pass up.

I missed Severin’s stealth limited edition of Baker & Berman’s notorious 1959 Jack the Ripper awhile back. It’s one I’ve not seen, although I remember the scary ads for it when it was new. I’ve got plans to borrow a copy and want to review it too, even though Severin would rather I wait for a potential future re-release. We love to promote good disc releases, but we also like to review good movies, plain and simple.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson