Savant Column

Saturday December 23, 2017


I got this just-before-Christmas set of reviews out somehow, but the next will likely be a bit late — too much holiday stuff going on around the Erickson Burrow (Obscure ‘Far Side’ reference). CineSavant normally runs ‘lite’ through the holidays, which is fine because most of us have plenty of distractions taking up our time. But I’m really enjoying the notes from readers, not only the usual welcome corrections and comments, but nice unsolicited hellos too, and holiday greetings. I get to correspond frequently with some nice people here, that I wish were my neighbors.

Disc producers are sending me more Ultra-HD shows to review. I’ve been looking at more Ultra-HD and marveling at the virtuosity of most of the transfersn. I certainly appreciate the Ultra-HD quality, while wondering how quickly I will get used to that standard. Remember way back when, when laserdisc quality seemed so good? Blu-rays didn’t supplant DVD, they just made mediocre DVDs less acceptable. I don’t know if UHD is going to become an ‘essential’ item for me, except for a very few special shows. It’s unlikely that my crazy favorites will appear in the format, but stranger things have happened.

My thoughts always seem directed at the desirable titles announced for the near future. What am I really looking forward to, as I stare at my mailbox, hoping for a USPS, FedEx or UPS truck to amble to my door? Just about everybody has great stuff coming. I’ll go alphabetically . . .

Cat O’ Nine Tails, The Witches (Le streghe) Jan.9, Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno February 6.

Raw Deal (1948) Jan. 16.

Young Mr Lincoln Jan.9, Eclipse 45: Claude Autant-Lara Jan. 23;
Kameradschaft Jan. 30, Night of the Living Dead, The Silence of the Lambs Feb. 13.

Charley Varrick, Blue Collar Jan 22, Hammer Volume 2 – Criminal Intent Feb. 19.

Cadillac Man, The Executioner’s Song Jan. 2, Not as a Stranger Jan. 9, The
Thomas Crown Affair
Feb. 13.

Threads Jan. 30.

Shout Factory:
Matinee Jan. 16, The Projected Man Jan 30, The Night Walker February 20.

Twilight Time:
The Hospital, Forever Amber, The L-Shaped Room, Alice December 19, Dragonwyck, My Cousin Rachel Jan. 23.

Warner Archive Collection:
The Hanging Tree Jan. 23.

Warner Home Video:
Blade Runner 2049 Jan 16.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson