Savant Column

Tuesday November 28, 2017


No particular links today — Gary Teetzel is coming up with great film research items, but they’re too involved for a quick notice — I might ask him to write a ‘fishing around’ article with the interesting old references he’s found and what he thinks they might mean. As for me, I’m on a tight schedule this week, using my free time to finish reading an important new film book for a review I need to get out soon.

I have no lack of great discs to review — next up I’ve got titles from Olive Films, Criterion, Blue Underground and Kino, with maybe another U.K. or German disc thrown in for good measure. For next Tuesday, the plan is for Charlie Largent to cover a German disc (all-region, I think) of a Brian De Palma picture.

I realize that many readers don’t want to get into a multi-region disc situation, for the trouble and expense. My readers say that they jumped on board because too many of their favorite pictures simply aren’t available here. I’m also told that some 3-D pictures released here only in flat versions are hot import items. I haven’t come across any must-haves for myself in that category, yet.

And there are occasional traps — a few months back I bought a good foreign disc of an important science fiction picture, Colossus: The Forbin Project, and a domestic disc was almost immediately announced by Shout! Factory for next February.

The hitch is of course that review copies for some Shout! discs are hard to come by, which is a shame — there were a score of sci-fi/horror pictures last year that I would have jumped on. Last month I reviewed one anyway, just to not be a prig about it, and the review received an enthusiastic reader response.

It’s time to get my end-of-year favorite disc list going . . . last year’s is readable here. I’m trying to add all sixteen ‘best of articles’ to the Cinesavant page, but it’s just taking some time to figure out the menu arrangement.

Trailers from Hell has been a generous new hosting page for the past two years, and I’m still putting up an occasional review at DVDtalk. The seventeen years of old DVD Savant essays there are still a massive archive. I hope that readers will dig into the Review Index to see what I wrote about this-and-that title, or check out an older Savant Article.

Thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson