Savant Column

Tuesday November 21, 2017

Hello — It’s become Manson Week in the media!

Joe Dante sent along this YouTube link to a funny-creepy Manson Skit from The Ben Stiller Show in 1992, featuring Bob Odenkirk. Younger viewers may not know its context, from a specific 1950s TV show.

By the time you read this the most cherished denizen of Tin Can Alley may already on his way to some lucky owner: an original Robby the Robot will be sold at auction today. The article From ‘Forbidden Planet’ to the Auction Block give the details, but the best thing on view is Robby’s official auction photo — they polished that boy up nice and shiny. I only saw Robby once, but he gave me some excellent advice: “3-In-One.” Words of wisdom.

It’s Thanksgiving week and I have visitors showing up any hour now, so I have a perfectly good for any delay in today’s post. As for Saturday, we’ll have to see if I end up with any time to write . . . I have a couple of things half-done, but things get pretty wild at Savant Central during the holidays – we might even watch a movie newer than 1980!

Indicator Harryhausen on Saturday — thanks for reading! — Glenn Erickson