Where Were You in ’62, A.I.P.? 01/02/21

CineSavant Article
with Bill Shaffer and Gary Teetzel

Collector Bill Shaffer reaches into his vast horde of exhibitors’ publicity ‘paper’ and comes up with some samples from an American-International Pictures preview flyer touting the year’s upcoming releases, circa January of 1962. The three samples given cover a Hollywood production that was re-titled, an Italian import that changed the name of its muscleman hero several times, and a science fiction / romantic comedy acquisition promoted as ‘coming soon’ but that morphed into something entirely different. Helping to follow the clues through the trade papers is Gary Teetzel. We answer some questions and guess at the rest… but it’s fun to see how A.I.P. in the 1960s wanted to shift from exploitation hucksterism to something a little more mainstream. We’re hoping this kind of arcane archive snooping is of interest — the vintage graphics are pretty cool! ┬áPlus, it was a nice break from reviewing movies.