When Worlds Collide 09/12/20

Viavision [Imprint]

George Pal’s sophomore sci-fi classic has conceptual imagination and visual wonder to spare, along with a million oddly dated awkward details. Rogue planets threaten to obliterate the Earth, prompting the building of a super-Ark spaceship to spirit forty ‘chosen ones’ to safety. The Ark passengers have the right stuff, but you may be enraged by the rigged process to select who gets to go. Gee-whiz spectacle is the order of the day — how many End Of The World movies actually show terra firma expunged from the Solar System? ¬†Barbara Rush and John Hoyt are the acting standouts, but top honors go to Pal’s visual effect artists and designers. On Region A ¬†Blu-ray from Viavision / Imprint.