What Color is Green Hell? 03/15/22

The proof is in.
CineSavant Article

Or is it in color at all?  In the immortal words of Criswell, ‘now it can be told.’ CineSavant asked for expert advice to get to the bottom of a ’50s monster show mystery that, uh, nobody asked us to investigate. Let’s see, there’s the interesting color on the new disc from The Film Detective, the WTF color on a YouTube encoding — which has an added selective color trick in the dark cave sequence — and some original color samples from a completely unexpected source. But other questions need to answered too: how can Giant Wasps have confidence in their sex appeal when they don’t even know what color they’re supposed to be?  If I had their problem, I’d give up and wait for a lava flow to wipe me out, too. Does anybody read these ravings? Not on Blu-ray, this is a CineSavant Article.