Westward the Women 09/26/23

The Warner Archive Collection

Perhaps the strong women characters got this William Wellman movie chosen for Blu-ray, but it indeed ranks up there with the best of wagon train epics. Robert Taylor plays opposite a large cast of actresses that we see doing hard work on rugged distant locations. Realism isn’t compromised. The unusually violent story is made positive and upbeat through the committed ensemble performances. It’s Denise Darcel’s stab at Hollywood stardom and a top title for the terrific Hope Emerson. We want to know more about the fine supporting players: Julie Bishop, Lenore Lonergan, Marily Erksine. Producer Dore Schary overturns sexist expectations, even when dealing with Hollywood stereotypes. It’s highly recommended, a genuine lump-in-your-throat picture. On Blu-ray from The Warner Archive Collection.