Warning From Space 09/29/20

Arrow Video

Sci-fi alert!  Fans that have seen all the ‘fifties classics won’t want to miss this first-ever subtitled presentation of the original Japanese version of a film known only as ‘that one with the silly starfish people.’ It’s actually a real winner… Uchûjin Tôkyô ni arawaru is beautifully produced and directed, with a humanistic approach unlike other Eisenhower-era thrillers about alien contact and global disaster. From Daiei, it’s also Japan’s first science fiction movie in color. Noble Pairans arrive to help save us from a planetary collision, but encounter communications issues. The approach of ‘Planet R’ is depicted with far more finesse than seen in the epics of George Pal or the later Toho space operas. Nicely restored with rich, warm colors; accompanied by an audio commentary from Stuart Galbraith IV. I rate this a major recovery-discovery… let’s watch it again!  On Blu-ray from Arrow Video.