The Trollenberg Terror (Import disc) 09/02/23

Anolis Entertainment
Region Free Blu-ray

Aka The Crawling Eye; this German disc carries the title Die Teufelswolke von Monteville. The old TV Guide blurb nailed it: “Hidden in a radioactive cloud, a creature from outer space awaits its next victim.” CineSavant braves the freezing heights of the Trollenberg to wildly over-analyze this curiously fascinating bit of Brit Sci-fi, made on the cheap yet an over-achiever for imaginative suspense and jolting Jump Scares. Forrest Tucker stars, and Janet Munro steals the show as an anxious telepath haunted by alien thought-waves. Jimmy Sangster’s adapted script mixes Alpine scenery, gothic horror and eerie aliens worthy of H.P. Lovecraft. Gotta love it. An import on Region-free Blu-ray from Anolis Entertainment.