The Thief of Baghdad (1961) 07/11/20

Colosseo Film (Import)
Region-free Blu-ray

It took us forever to get this to review!  Many fans of Steve Reeves consider this breezy Arabian nights adventure his best. Lavish and colorful, it gives Reeves a chance to be playful and clever — whether he takes advantage of that opportunity is open to debate. A trio of Italian writers drummed up the story, giving Reeves an object of affection in Princess Amina, played by the beautiful, fresh-faced Georgia Moll. Clever special effects abound as Karim goes on a quest that’s almost like a video game — encountering trees that walk, a cloak of invisibility and of course a flying horse. Reeves’s version joins those of Sabu (’40) and Douglas Fairbanks (’24), and all three are good. After a long wait on a shipment from Germany, we finally got our hands on the disc which Charlie Largent reviews. With Arturo Dominici. On Region Free Blu-ray from Colosseo Film.