The Slasher – ‘Cosh Boy’ 01/04/20

KL Studio Classics

He’s mean, he’s nasty, he carries a razor and he’s dating your sister!  Cosh Boy was front & center in 1953 debates about ‘what’s wrong with the British cinema.’ It holds up well, if not as PC social comment, then as solid exploitation fare, with our verminous hero putting the moves on tough-but-vulnerable local girl Joan Collins. The entire cast will want to stand in line to get revenge against Roy Walsh, the punk who steals from his own mum and lets his criminal gang do the dirty work. Take it from me, he’s a dirty rat. Directed by Lewis Gilbert; co-starring Hermoine Baddeley and Hermione Gingold, and with a lot of Hammer personnel in the credits. On Blu-ray from KL Studio Classics.