The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh 12/21/19

The Disney Club

Walt goes radical, or as radical as the Disney brand could go. In the 1760s, an HRPMS (hobgoblin rogue phantom marsh smuggler) called The Scarecrow gives His Majesty’s forces a run for their money. We kids loved the theme song, the spooky cinematography, and especially Patrick McGoohan’s terrific voice and scarecrow disguise — he’s sort of a Masked Superhero 200 years before Watchmen. This is a Disney Club offering, so good luck getting a copy if you’re not a member. It’s not the feature cut-down but all three shows beautifully remastered in widescreen and color, sayeth the review of CineSavant’s in-house HRPMS, Charlie Largent. On Blu-ray from The Disney Club.