The Public Eye 07/21/20

KL Studio Classics

Howard Franklin’s atmospheric, non hysterical tale of the New York underworld is told from a great viewpoint, that of a night-prowling shutterbug who documents life on the streets, from the swanky nightclubs to gangland killings on the cold sidewalks. Joe Pesci has his most endearing role in a part suggested by the famous photographer Weegee, a small man with ambitions for his ‘found photos’ of party revelers and bloody corpses to be viewed as art. Is Barbara Hershey’s club owner using him for selfish purposes? ¬†What happens if the hoods suddenly regard him as a hindrance, instead of a boost to their egos? The colorful production elicits a marvelously atmospheric image of New York in wartime. The biggest surprise: Pesci’s dialogue is all PG-rated! (The movie itself is an ‘R’.) With Jared Harris, Stanley Tucci and Jerry Adler. On Blu-ray from KL Studio Classics.