The Giant Gila Monster + The Killer Shrews 10/31/23

Film Masters

Behold this mindless monster duo from the Feelin’ Fine summer of ’59, Texas- produced and ready to tear up drive-in screens. THE GIANT GILA MONSTER is truth in advertising, plus you get hot rods, non-rebellious teen rebels, and gospel-folk ‘rock’ music to accompany the hungry lizard with the flippidy flippidy tongue. The second show is a tense ordeal: seven unlucky folk withstand the onslaught of THE KILLER SHREWS, the really nasty kind that chew through walls with razor teeth to reach their prey. They’re like piranhas out of the water, with rat tails! James Best and Ken Curtis battle shrews and fight over Swedish Ingrid Goude, too. It’s a two disc set with a wealth of extras. On Blu-ray from Film Masters.