The Daimajin Trilogy 08/14/21

Arrow Video

This new 3-disc Limited Edition is a real labor of love for Daiei’s trio of 1966 costume thrillers with a unique star: a ‘Shogun-Golem’ 25 feet tall, with an attitude meaner than a mythological demon. Revenge, righting wrongs, and mostly striking back against evil are Daimajin’s prime directives; Daiei’s production surrounds this bruiser with terrific art direction and special effects: “You will believe a giant statue can impale a man on a ten-foot pike.” The two sequels are so similar — they basically tell the exact same story with a few changes — that they’re almost variations on a theme. Reviewer Charlie Largent sics his gaijin praises on this lavishly appointed release. On Blu-ray from Arrow Video.