The Carpetbaggers 09/19/20

Viavision [Imprint]

It’s lurid, it’s soapy, it’s forbidden: Where do I sign?  Joseph E. Levine made hay from Harold Robbins’ best seller, with prose that The New York Times said belonged more properly “on the walls of a public lavatory.” So why is the picture so much fun?  When the performances are good they’re very good, and when they’re bad they’re almost better. Plus there’s a who’s who game to be played: If George Peppard is Howard Hughes and Carroll Baker is Jean Harlow, who exactly is Robert Cummings?  I think this is the first time on Blu for this title, and playback-wise it’s A-OK for Region A. With Alan Ladd and Robert Cummings; on Blu-ray from Viavision [Imprint].