The Bad News Bears 03/27/21

Viavision [Imprint]

A favorite irreverent comedy!  Michael Ritchie followed his painfully honest Americana satire Smile with this beautifully rendered skewering of America’s idea of sportsmanship and fair play — featuring realistically, hilariously profane kids on a little league team for ‘losers,’ sponsored by a bail bond outfit. It’s also commercially brilliant, combining Walter Matthau with Tatum O’Neal and Jackie Earle Haley, and it generated a stack of sequels, a TV show, etc. Instead of ‘Garbo Laughs’ it was ‘Tatum swears!’  We’re hoping that Charlie Largent eases up on the profanity for his review, we’re getting letters about that. On Blu-ray from Viavision [Imprint].