The Ape 10/20/20

KL Studio Classics

Mad doctor Boris Karloff is tragically misunderstood, just because he kills a few neighborhood pets for his experiments to cure polio/typhoid/Covid/herpes/what-have-you. And that escaped gorilla from the circus? ┬áIts pelt is just the thing for Boris to prowl around in at midnight, collecting spinal fluid mooahahahaha. You’d be surprised how endearing and (almost) sane this picture is, thanks to Karloff’s input and dialogue that’s often quite clever. And the stellar supporting cast: Jessie Arnold! Ray Corrigan! Maris Wrixon… wait, Ms. Wrixon is very good. Reviewer Charlie Largent gives this Monogram Special a hearty three-banana rating. The disc comes with twin commentaries from Tom Weaver and Richard Harland Smith, both excellent. On Blu-ray from KL Studio Classics.